Speed Reading

Photo of an open book with a stopwatch next to it.Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the reading in your required courses? Speed Reading may be just what you need to get ahead!

The LC's Speed-Reading Program can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your reading by:

  • Increasing your reading speed
  • Training in speed reading techniques via face-to-face instruction and computer program exercises
  • Gaining hands-on instruction with techniques and strategies to support your reading comprehension

Topics covered include foundations of speed-reading techniques, peripheral vision, phrase reading, how students learn best, and comprehension and memory strategies.

How does the class work?

  • Up to eight students meet once a week for two hours for five weeks.
  • Multiple five-week sessions are offered every fall, spring, and summer.

How to register

  • Visit the Learning Center front desk, Sage Hall, Room 170, during business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., excluding certain holidays.
  • Pay the required $30 lab fee upon registration to guarantee a spot in the class.
  • Before your visit, review the meeting times in the following table to decide which best fits your schedule.
  • The Learning Center's Refund Policy dictates that no refund shall be given after 4pm on the Friday before your class begins.

Spring 2018 Speed-Reading Workshops Schedule

All sessions are conducted in the Learning Center.

All Student Speed Reading

Session 1: Weeks of January 22-February 19


Graduate Student Speed Reading

Session 1: Weeks of January 22-February 19






Option 3




Option 2





All Student Speed Reading

Session 2: Weeks of March 26-April 23


Graduate Student Speed Reading

Session 2: Weeks of March 26-April 23

Option 4




Option 6



Option 5 Thursdays 1-3pm  




NOTE: Workshops are available only to currently registered UNT students.

Questions about Speed Reading?  Call: 940-369-7006  |  Click: Elizabeth Berry, Speed Reading Coordinator  |  Come by: Sage Hall, Room 170