Course Foundations

The Course Foundations Workshop series is designed to help students with challenging principle concepts in select courses!

Each workshop covers a different principle concept, so be sure to check the chart below before each workshop to see what is being covered. No registration is required. Seats are first come, first serve! Click any of the workshop titles below for a printable flyer.


BIOL 2301: Anatomy and Physiology I
Date Day Time Topic Presenter Location
6-Jun R 2:00 PM Tissues Aima Ovai Sage 342
11-Jun T 2:00 PM Bones & Joints Aima Ovai Sage 342
20-Jun R 2:00 PM Muscles & Physiology Aima Ovai Sage 342
27-Jun R 4:00 PM Central Nervous System Aima Ovai Sage 342
1-Jul M 2:00 PM Autonomic Nervous System Aima Ovai Sage 342


ECON 1100: Principles of Microeconomics
Date Day Time Topic Presenter Location
6-Jun R 12:30 PM Opportunity Cost & Trade AG Eke Sage 170
11-Jun T 1:00 PM Supply & Demand AG Eke Sage 342
20-Jun R 12:30 PM Market Inefficiencies AG Eke Sage 342
25-Jun T 1:00 PM Costs of Production AG Eke Sage 342
2-Jul T 1:00 PM Types of Markets AG Eke Sage 342


MATH 1680: Elementary Probability and Statistics
Date Day Time Topic Presenter Location
4-Jun T 12:00 PM StatCrunch 101 Manal Fasih Sage 342
10-Jun M 1:00 PM Designing Experiments Manal Fasih Sage 342
18-Jun T 12:00 PM Graphing & Organizing Data Manal Fasih Sage 342
24-Jun M 1:00 PM Central Tendency & Dispersion Manal Fasih Sage 342
2-Jul T 2:00 PM Z-Scores & Outliers Manal Fasih Sage 342


MATH 1710: Calculus I
Date Day Time Topic Presenter Location
6-Jun R 12:00 PM Limits & Continuity Ebby Akinwande Sage 342
13-Jun R 1:00 PM Derivatives Ebby Akinwande Sage 342
17-Jun M 12:00 PM Optimization Ebby Akinwande Sage 342
27-Jun R 12:00 PM Antiderivatives Ebby Akinwande Sage 342
1-Jul M 12:00 PM Areas Under/Beneath Curves Ebby Akinwande Sage 342


MATH 1720: Calculus II
Date Day Time Topic Presenter Location
6-Jun R 4:00 PM Methods of Integration Haley Higginbotham Sage 342
12-Jun W 4:00 PM Trig Integrals Haley Higginbotham Sage 342
20-Jun R 4:00 PM Trig Substitution Haley Higginbotham Sage 342
26-Jun W 4:00 PM Partial Fractions Haley Higginbotham Sage 342
2-Jul T 4:00 PM Series Test for Convergence/Divergence Haley Higginbotham Sage 342