Drop-In Tutoring

**Drop-In Tutoring will return Fall 2021! Please visit http://learningcenter.unt.edu/one-on-one-tutoring for Summer tutoring support**

Drop-In Tutoring offers students the ability to work with Lead Tutors without an appointment. Each of our drop-in sessions offers a variety of different courses for students to receieve tutoring in. Students can pop in for a quick question or join us for the whole two hours. Currently, all of our drop-in sessions are online, facilitated via Zoom. 


View drop-in courses and enter a session here: Drop-In Tutoring

**Note: You may only enter during the drop-in hours listed above.**


What to Expect

In order to have the best experience, please note the following:

  • Lead Tutors will rotate among all students present, balancing their time between each learner. This may require them to get you started on a problem, leave, and return to check on you after they have rotated among other students.

  • Have specific questions prepared before you enter the Drop-In Tutoring session.

  • Have all notes and any relevant classroom materials in front of you before you enter the Drop-In Tutoring session.

**Note: Our tutors will not and cannot provide or check answers on homework or other graded assignments.**

Need a reminder? Print a Flyer! (Word) (PDF)