Online Graduate One-on-One Tutoring

Graduate Tutoring is a no-cost service for currently enrolled UNT students. Tutoring is provided by your UNT peers, whom enjoy seeing their peers succeed. Schedule an online or in-person session with one of our tutors!

Currently, Graduate Tutors from the Learning Center are available to provide tutoring services to students in the following subjects: 

ASLP 5800 DSCI 5240 BCIS 5420 MUAG 5805
ASLP 5810 DSCI 5360   MUAG 5850
ASLP 5825     MUCP 5080
ASLP 5830     MUCP 5180
ASLP 5840     MUCP 5185
      MUCP 5190
      MUCP 5320
      MUCP 5010

To schedule a session with a Graduate Tutor for ASLP, use the Naviagte App or visit and select Learning Center - Tutoring. Locate your course by its name and identifier from the dropdown menu. 

To schedule a session with our Graduate Peer Tutors for DSCI, BCIS, MUAG, and MUCP courses, submit a request here.

**Note: If your class is not listed on the chart above, we do not currently have a Graduate Tutor available.**

If you are unable to find a tutor for your class, and/or you are interested in general academic support, you may consider a Graduate Academic Coach. For more information, click here.

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