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If you are searching for a fun and meaningful way to get involved in the UNT community while making a difference in the lives of your peers, the Learning Center is where you belong!

The Learning Center supplements and supports academic excellence and life-long learning. In support of our mission, programs that facilitate peer to peer academic support are offered and provide leadership and skill building opportunities to UNT Students.

Which student leadership position is best for you?

Volunteer Tutor

Lead Tutor

Math Lab Tutor

Supplemental Instruction Leader

Academic Coach

Office Assistant

  • Provides academic support through online one-on-one tutoring via Zoom
  • Serves in as many courses as qualified
  • Time commitment is flexible, from one hour a week to as much as able
  • College Reading and Learning Association, CRLA, Tutor Certification is available if requirements are met
  • Provides academic support through one-one-one, drop-in, online, and asynchronous tutoring
  • Assists with program workshops and presentations
  • Serves in as many courses as qualified
  • College Reading and Learning Association, CRLA, Tutor Certification is available if requirements are met
  • Time commitment is consistent: 15-20 hours per week
  • ​Provides academic support specifically for math in a walk-in setting within the Math Lab
  • Serves in as many math courses as qualified 
  • Time commitment is consistent: 15 hours per week
  • Facilitates three group study sessions per week
  • Serves as a leader and mentor for the students of one course
  • Time commitment is consistent: 10 hours per week
  • Provides academic support through one-on-one academic coaching
  • Assists students in making an individualized plan to meet their academic goals
  • Presents on various study skills strategies
  • Time commitment depends on schedule and seniority: 8 to 12 hours per week
  • Manages daily administrative tasks of the main office
  • Runs the front desk in the main office and Math Lab
  • Helps with outreach events
  • Time commitment is consistent: 15-20 hours per week

Recruitment Information

  • Volunteer Tutor Applications are now open for the Fall 2021 semester.
  • Lead Tutor Applications are now closed for the Fall 2021 semester. 
  • SI Leader Applications are now open for Fall 2021 semester.
  • Academic Coach Applications are now open for Fall 2021 semester.
  • Math Lab Tutor Applications are now open for the Fall 2021 semester.

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