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Aiding the referral process to encourage students to visit the Learning Center, we are excited to provide Come See Us referral Cards and referral Sticky Notes
Before you consider canceling a class, please contact us. The Learning Center can help! Being pulled away for any reason – to attend a conference or host a symposium – is always a challenge. Consider these alternatives to allow your students to practice their skills while you step away for a day. 
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Visit the UNT Learning Center
The UNT Learning Center provides a variety of free academic support programs from tutoring and supplemental-instruction services to academic skills workshops and coaching. Contact Information: Phone: 940-369-7006 | Email: Learning.Center@unt.edu  | In-person: Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Sage Hall, Room 315. For more information about the services provided, visit the LC online: learningcenter.unt.edu.