Reading Comprehension Resources

Instructional Videos

  • This video tackles the difference between pleasure and academic reading and how you should change your thought processes to get the most out of the text.
  • This video helps you develop active reading skills to improve your focus and retention. 
  • This presentation reviews key active reading concepts and different techniques you can use to improve comprehension and retention. 

Free Practice Resources 

  • Reading Comprehension Test - Find out where you're starting from so you can keep track of your progress.
  • Common Vocabulary for Adults - The average adult learns one new word every day! Use this comprehensive list tohelp you identify and learn words you're likely to see in class and work but may not have yet learned so your lifelong learning can be strategic.
  • Study Distraction Analysis - This quick analysis will help you determine if you're getting distracted too easily in the places you typically read.
  • This reading skills website includes articles about all kinds of steps students can take to read more effectively, from abbreviations, to note-taking methods, to the right way to actually prepare for a study session. Click here to access it. 
  • The Learning Center's Reading Library - Visit the Learning Center in Sage 170 where you can find several books about reading skills, speed reading, study skills, and note-taking. Read them for free in-office!


Speed Reading Class

Do you want to continue developing these skills in a self-paced online course? Check-out our Speed Reading class, where you can improve your reading speed and comprehension to save yourself valuabel time!