Campus Resources: Tutoring

Chemistry Resource Center

We provide free tutorial instruction to students enrolled in undergraduate chemistry courses. The CRC is staffed by highly qualified chemistry graduate students.
Chemistry Building, Room 231 | 940-565-3525

Computational Chemistry Instructional Laboratory

CCIL provides computer access to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in UNT chemistry courses. The CCIL is staffed by chemistry graduate students knowledgeable in the area of computational chemistry.
Chemistry Building, Room 232 | 940-565-3525

College of Business Tutoring Center

We offer tutoring options to students looking for assistance in Business classes. (For specific hours, visit The following labs are included:
Accounting Lab (Business Leadership Building, Room 007)
Finance Lab (Business Leadership Building, Room 006)
ITDS Lab (Business Leadership Building, Rooms 011, 012)
Business Leadership Building, Rooms 006, 007, 011, 012 |  940-369-8476

College of Engineering Tutoring Center

The UNT Learning Center offers tutoring options to students in engineering classes. Specific courses and dates and location vary by semester. Visit or to get the most up to date information.
Discovery Park

Department of World Languages, Literatures and Culture

We provide tutoring services to students taking our courses. We can assist you with working through assignments, preparing for quizzes and tests, or just practicing.
Language Building, Room 108A | 940-565-2404

Economics Help Center

Provides tutoring services, homework help, and assignment help for students. When going to the Help Center it is expected that you have your lecture notes, have read the textbook, and have attempted the assignment before seeking help.
Wooten Hall, Room 310 | 940-565-2573

History Help Center

We are staffed by graduate students in history and have three functions.

To tutor students currently enrolled in history courses at UNT,
To provide a place for taking make-up examinations, and
To provide staff for proctoring examinations when instructors are absent during those examinations.
Wooten Hall, Room 220 | 940-565-4772

Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation Study Center

Well-qualified graduate students and top undergraduate seniors provide tutoring in all KHPR courses, anatomy and physiology and writing, testing and study skills.
Physical Education Building, Room 220 | 940-565-2235

Learning Center

The Learning Center provides content assistance through its Tutoring Program and the Supplemental Instruction Program. 

Tutoring: Our free tutoring program is certified by CRLA and uses top UNT students as tutors. Tutoring is offered in a variety of formats and covers a wide range of courses. You can find more information at UNT Learning Center Tutoring.

Supplemental Instruction is a program that targets courses that have a 30 percent D, F or withdrawal rate. Leaders are top UNT students who typically hold three one-hour group study sessions per week. All students are welcome to attend SI sessions.  You can find more information at UNT Learning Center SI.
Sage Hall, Room 170 | 940-369-7006

Math Lab

We serve students enrolled in the following UNT courses.

MATH 1000-2000 level classes,
MATH 3410, and
MATH 3680

Students can come to the lab to do homework, answer specific questions, help start a problem, check their progress on a problem, and get encouragement through the process from the qualified tutors on staff. 
Sage Hall, Room 130 |  940-565-2155

Physics Instructional Center

We can help students with lab material, lecture homework and exam preparation. Please remember labs are closed during the first week of the semester.
Physics Building, Room 209 | 940-565-2626

Technical Communication Lab

We provide tutoring for students taking TECM courses. The TCL staff members are specially trained to help students learn word-processing and graphics applications used to produce technical and business documents.
Auditorium, Room 307 | 940-565-4193

Writing Center

Our trained tutors provide undergraduate students with help in structure, grammar, punctuation, citation styles and more.
Sage Hall, Room 150 | 940-565-2563