SI Leader Schedule

Use the drop-down menu to view the schedule of SI sessions for the Spring 2020 semester.

If no sessions appear after an option is selected, there currently is no SI leader assigned to that course.

SI sessions are typically 50 minutes long.

If a session time is green, the session is 90 minutes long.

All sessions will be conducted using You may access the specific session session by selecting the link next to the session time. Please take note of your session time and length.   

Please follow the distinct link for each session time to access that particular session. 

SI Leaders Schedule and Session Times


Our SI Leaders make every effort to contact those enrolled in their course when a session is cancelled or a makeup session is added. If you are attending a session from another section, please be sure to check below to first for any last-minute or planned cancellations or makeup sessions. 

Cancelled Sessions

Course SI Date & Time Location

Rescheduled/Make Up Sessions

Course SI Date & Time Location