Speed Reading Course

The Learning Center is excited to announce our newly redesigned 5-week Speed Reading Course! Students who attend the course can expect to increase their reading speed and save time! Course registrants will have access to our Speed Reading software for a full year so they can continue to improve on their own after the course is complete, and students who complete the class will have access to ongoing reading skills support as long as they're at UNT. 

The LC's Speed-Reading Program can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your reading by:

  • Increasing your reading speed

  • Training in speed reading techniques via hands-on instruction and computer program exercises

  • Gaining hands-on instruction with techniques and strategies to support your reading comprehension

Topics covered include: foundations of speed-reading techniques, peripheral vision, phrase reading, how students learn best, and comprehension and memory strategies. 

How does the class work?

  • In the face-to-face sections, up to eight students meet once weekly for 90 minutes over five weeks.

  • In the online sections, new modules become available on your Canvas page once a week over five weeks. With no scheduled meeting times, this option is self-paced.

  • Multiple five-week sessions are offered every semester.

  • This class does not appear on your transcript or affect your GPA.

  • Click here for more detailed information, including how to decide between the online and face-to-face sections.

How to register

  • Visit the Learning Center front desk, Sage Hall, Room 170, during business hours: Monday through Friday, 8am- 5pm.

  • Pay the required $30 fee upon registration to guarantee a spot in the class.

  • Before your visit, review the meeting times in the following table to decide which best fits your schedule.

  • If you're registering for the online section and can't make it to campus, call 940.369.7006 to register over the phone with a credit card. 

  • The Learning Center's Refund Policy dictates that no refund shall be given after 4pm on the Friday before your class begins.

Questions about the course? Please contact Elizabeth.Berry@unt.edu

Summer 2019 Speed Reading Course Schedules:

The Speed Reading course is oferred in two sessions. At this time, summer enrollment is limited to online sections only.

Session #2: Week of July 8 - August 5 (5wk2)

  • Option #1: Undergraduates - Self-paced online section with modules updating on Mondays at 5pm CST (7/8-8/5)
  • Option #2: Graduates - Seld-paced online section with modules updating on Mondays at 5pm CST (7/8-8/5)

Interested in registering for future sections? Submit your name in this Interest List, and we'll notify you directly when the schedule is available. 

**Please note this workshop is available only to current UNT students, faculty, and staff.