Speed Reading & Comprehension

Speed Reading Class - Offered Online 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the reading in your required courses? Speed Reading may be just what you need to get ahead!

The LC's newly-redesigned Online Speed Reading class can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your reading by:

  • Increasing your reading speed
  • Training in speed reading techniques via face-to-face instruction and computer program exercises
  • Gaining techniques and strategies to support your reading comprehension

Topics covered include foundations of speed-reading techniques, peripheral vision, phrase reading, how students learn best, and comprehension and memory strategies.


NOTE: The Learning Center's Speed Reading class is limited to currently-enrolled UNT students, faculty, or staff only.


Reading Comprehension Skill-Building Resources

Click above for reading skill-building resources.


Questions about Speed Reading or reading comprehension resources?  

Call: 940-369-7006  |  Click: Elizabeth Berry, Coordinator for Academic Support Services  |  Come by: Sage Hall, Room 170