Student Resources

The following resources have been compiled to assist students with various questions and topics. The information contained on these websites may not be maintained by the Learning Center of the University of North Texas.

  • Coming soon! — An overview of Learning Center programs and services.
  • Guide for Studying —Tips and tricks to help you succeed in college! This website offers tips on time management, note taking, study habits, writing skills, and research. 
  • Time Management — Study Guides and Strategies Time Management provides information regarding time management. It offers tips, suggestions and strategies on how to effectively manage your time.
  • Study Habits — Forming good study habits is a key component to be successful in college. Study Guides and Strategies Study Habits provides concise tips to assist you in studying more effectively.
  • Test Anxiety — Test Anxiety is a major problem for a lot of students. Study Guides and Strategies provides ideas and suggestions on how to manage test anxiety before, during and after a test.
  • Test Taking Tips — Taking a test can be a difficult and challenging endeavor. Study Guides and Strategies Test Taking Tips offers insight into how to effectively take a test and provides information on different types of tests.
  • VARK — Knowing your learning style will not only help you do better in college but will help you in many different areas of your life. VARK connects you with a brief test to evaluate what kind of learner you are and how to adapt to different learning situations.
  • GPA Calculator — The Calculator will assist you in determining your GPA. Please note that the calculator and site are not maintained by the Learning Center or UNT and the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. Please consult your academic advisor for official GPA calculations.
  • Need to use RefWorks? The Discovery Park Library has put together a great online workshop.
  • Need help with APA 6th Edition? The Discovery Park Library has another great online workshop to help!