Supplemental Instruction Schedule

Use the drop-down menu to view the schedule of SI sessions for the Fall 2019 semester.

If no sessions appear after an option is selected, there currently is no SI leader assigned to that course.

SI sessions are 50 minutes long.

If a session time is green, the session is 90 minutes long. If a session is listed as INET, the session takes place online. 

The SI program is now offering a select number of  weekly online sessions. 

Here are the links for the online SI sessions hosted by Sarah Benner:

To enter the online session, select the link for that day and then log in with your EUID and password. 

This is Just an Additional Resource that is at your hands if you struggle being able to make it to sessions. 

If you plan to utilize the online sessions please ensure that you are utilizing both the audio and visual features. Failure to do so will impede your ability to fully engage in the session. If you fail to fully participate, you will not get credit for attendance. 

Also please be aware that these sessions are for a Monday night class, so the topics covered may not exactly line up with what is being covered in classes that meet three times a week. If you would like to know what content will be discussed, please email

If you have any questions regarding the online sessions please email

BIOL 2302 Sessions will resume in during the Spring 2020 semester. 

CHEM 2380 SI sessions will resume during the Spring 2020 semester. 

There are no SI sessions currently scheduled for MATH 1190.