Don't Cancel that Class, Frisco!

The following sessions are provided. Once you have selected an option, please submit a request form:
Powerful Public Speaking 
This 50-minute workshop helps students learn what makes great public speaking and tips to conquer your fears of public speaking.
Unlocking Academic Success
This 50-minute workshop provides different study strategies for students to utilize throughout their academic career.
Prep for the Test
This 50-minute workshop will cover study strategies for your exams. Students will discover different ways to prepare for various problem sets.
Semester Planning
This 50-minute workshop will help students learn what it means to have effective time management skills. Students will discover different ways to plan their schedule by pulling relevant information from their syllabi.
Student Services at UNT at Frisco
Students will learn of all the resources, events, and organizations available to them from members of our Student Services team.
Sleeping for Success
This wellness session will discuss the importance of sleep and how getting a good night’s rest can affect a student’s academic life.
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