Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction? Graphic image that says "SI" in large letters with UNT Learning Center and Supplemental Instruction around the edges.

  • The program targets historically challenging courses at UNT.
  • SI leaders are top UNT students who earned an A in the course they instruct.
  • SI leaders hold three one-hour sessions each week.
  • Students who regularly participate in SI can earn one half letter grade higher than those who do not participate.
  • This program is for every student – think of it as guaranteed study time!
  • SI leaders are available to provide assistance all semester!

How to Learn and What to Learn

Weekly sessions are facilitated by trained peer leaders who have successfully completed the course in a previous semester. SI leaders attend lectures, take notes and read all assigned material just like the enrolled students.

Go at Least Once a Week!

Attendance at SI sessions is free and voluntary. Students may attend as many times as they choose. Announcements about supplemental instruction are made in SI-supported courses during the first week of classes. Sessions begin the second week of classes and continue throughout the semester.

SI Leader Program


Click below to view the Spring 2020 SI Schedule. 

SI Leaders Schedule and Session Times


Cancelled Sessions:

February 20th 

ACCT 2010 Breann Campbell Feb. 20th, 2-2:50pm BLB 075


Rescheduled/Make Up Sessions:

February 21st 

ACCT 2010 Breann Campbell Feb. 21st, 10-10:50am BLB 075