Study Hall

Study Hall is designed to help students find a great place to study on campus with other students, with Lead Tutors and Academic Coaches onsite to assist with challenging course material and academic success skills!

Study Hall is open to any students who would like to attend and no registration is required. Students can come for just a few minutes or for the full two hours. 

Classes tutored at the Greek Life Center include: MATH 1100, MATH 1190, MATH 1650, MATH 1710, MATH 1720, PHIL 2050, PSCI 2300, PSCI 2305, PSCI 2306, CHEM 1410, CHEM 1420, CHEM 2370, CHEM 2380

Classes tutored at the Music Building include: MUTH 1300, MUTH 1350, MUTH 1400, MUTH 1500, MUTH 2400, MUTH 2500, SPAN 1010, SPAN 1020, SPAN 2040, SPAN 2050

Need a reminder for Greek Life Study Hall? Print a flyer!

Need a reminder for Music Study Hall? Print a flyer!