Tutoring Services

Need help in your classes? There's a Tutor for That. 

The Learning Center is proud to offer a variety of online tutoring services designed to help you succeed at UNT! Our tutors answer specific questions, check that you are approaching a concept correctly, work with and offer alternative problems, and help clarify concepts. 

Online Tutoring

Looking for help in one of your classes? Our peer tutors are here to help! Log on to Appointment Manager with your EUID and password to schedule an online appointment with one of our trained lead tutors! All online sessions are facilitated using Zoom. 


Have a question and don't need a whole session? Submit your questions to our Lead Tutors by clicking the link above! Our team will respond within 24 hours (1 business day). 

**Please Note: Our tutors will not and cannot provide or check answers on homework or other graded assignments**


Check out helpful videos from our Lead Tutors on common, challenging course concepts in a variety of classes. Our first videos are available now!

DSCI: Mean, Median, Range, and Mode

Engineering: Karnaugh Mapping

Math: Factoring 101

Math: Derivative Rules

Math: Histograms in StatCrunch

Math: Linear Regression in StatCrunch

Music Theory: Triads

Spanish: Adjectives & Conjugations

Graduate Tutoring

The Learning Center now offers online tutoring for graduate students! We currently offer graduate tutoring in a variety of counseling, music, and statistics courses. Log on to Appointment Manager with your EUID and password to schedule now or click here to learn more!

**Please Note: The Learning Center's Tutoring Services will not work on homework or assignment problems for you, check assignment answers, assist with take-home quizzes or essays, or repeat class lectures.**

Questions about Tutoring Services? Contact Us!
Brecken Wellborn - Tutoring Services Coordinator
The Learning Center