Current Resources: Student Life

Dean of Students 

The Dean of Students Office fosters the development of leadership, civility, accountability, and responsibility in the University of North Texas student; builds community through service and involvement; and serves as an advocate for all students. This office is dedicated to supporting the UNT student who may need assistance in resolving complex personal and academic matters.

University Union, Room 409 | 940.565.2648

Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Since 1952, the University of North Texas Fraternity and Sorority Life community has been a viable and integral part of campus life. With four councils consisting of 42 fraternities and sororities, the Fraternity and Sorority Life community offers a unique and lifelong involvement experience. These organizations promote the experience of self-governance, leadership development, academic achievement, community service, social opportunities, and friendship. 

621 S. Welch St. | 940.369.8652

International Student Programs 

International Affairs strives to enrich campus life by welcoming international students and scholars, cultivating global citizens among students, and fostering global connections between UNT and institutions around the world. The office offers assistance with international admissions and providing intensive English proficiency programs, orientation, advising, and social and cultural activities for international students. 

Marquis Hall, Room 105 | 940.565.2197

Multicultural Center 

The Multicultural center is committed to cultivating a campus environment where people of all identities and experiences can thrive, by fostering the success and awareness of historically underrepresented student populations with an emphasis on disability, ethnicity, gender, interfaith, race and sexual orientation. The Center’s programs and activities are developed to increase the awareness, understanding, and intersectionality of the various identities in the UNT community.

University Union, Room 335 | 940.565.3424

Off-Campus Student Services

Off-Campus Student Services, part of Student Activities, serves as a liaison between students and departments that provide services for off-campus students. Providing resources and services directed towards the commuter, off-campus, graduate, and non-traditional student populations, as well as raising the awareness of these students. Off-Campus Student Services sponsors several programs and activities to assist students in their overall collegiate experience. Services include assistance in locating off-campus housing, information on commuter and transportation services (e.g., carpooling, bus schedules, etc.), as well as coordinating and co-sponsoring events such as Commuter Week and Housing Fairs.

University Union, Suite 345 | 940.565.3807

Orgsync • Student Activities

Orgsync is an online hub for all the organizations at UNT – every active organization is registered through the site. Orgsync allows students to discover new opportunities at the University.

To find organizations on Orgsync:

Step 1: Go to​/engage
Step 2: Click the Find Organizations link
Step 3: Using the search box, search interests by using key words, such as photography, community service, or engineering, etc.
OR select any of the categories listed below the search bar to browse different types of organizations by category.

Orientation and Transition Programs 

Orientation and Transition programs provide resources and services to help students attain educational goals, improve retention, and connect students to programs such as mentoring, parent association and graduating year experience.

University Union, Suite 377 | 940.565.4198

Pride Alliance 

The Pride Alliance is a facility serving UNT's LGBTQ+ and Allies community by offering education, community outreach, meeting space, programming, and serving as a central gathering place for all students, faculty, and staff.

University Union, Room 372 | 940.565.2589

Student Activities and Organizations

The goal of Student Activities and Organizations is to help students get connected and involved on campus and to maximize their collegiate experience, through three main areas: campus-wide events and traditions, services and programs for off-campus, commuter, non-traditional, and graduate students; and student organization services.

University Union, Suite 344 | 940.565.3850

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the official voice of the undergraduate student body at the University of North Texas, committed to making each student’s opinions and concerns heard in the administration. The Student Government Association is comprised of an Executive Branch, Student Senate, Supreme Court, and the Intern Program. Together, these factions work with students across the University and administration to make our campus better for everyone.

University Union, Room 344 | 940.565.3850

Veteran’s Center

The Student Veteran Services at UNT aspires to be a national leader in student Veteran participation, success and excellence through the transition from Military to campus life and from campus life to graduation and professional achievement.

Sage Hall, Room 236 | 940.369.8652