Learning 101 Series

Learning 101 Virtual Workshops

Succeeding Online

Telelearning – Strategies for Successful Learning at Home
Working from home can pose challenges for everyone, but this presentation covers some simple strategies to more effectively learn outside of the classroom.

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Succeeding in Online Classes
This presentation covers seven(ish) things you need to be successful in online classes.

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Study Skills

Study Skills Overview
Cover the basics of effective study skills, including effective time management, goal-setting, note-taking, and test prep.

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Memory Strategies
Review how to create the best locations to facilitate memory, mnemonic devices you may have forgotten about, and the best time management plans to actually remember what you learn in class.

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Note Taking
Get the most out of note-taking during class and your readings!

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Time Management

Time Management
Everyone can benefit from a strong time management strategy to help stay on top of work, school, clubs, and a personal life.

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Goal Setting and Motivation

This tried and true system for setting and meeting goals is a snap with this guide!

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Grad School Prep

Getting into Grad School
Thinking about applying to grad school? Review some of the basics you need to know about that process and learn about resources to help you get there.

For a transcript, Click here. For videos about specific graduate entrance exams, click here.




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