SI Program Core Values

The SI Program Serves To:

  1. Pursue light bulb moments
  2. Facilitate higher order thinking
  3. Exhibit transparency of thought process
  4. Empower through trust & teamwork
  5. Because for us, this is more than a job

Supplemental Instruction


Supplemental Instruction Program Description:

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program that targets courses that have a 30% DFW (D, F or withdrawal) rate.
  • SI Leaders are top UNT students who have received an A in the course that they work with.
  • Typically, SI Leaders hold 3 one-hour group study sessions per week and one office hour.
  • On average, students who regularly participate in SI will earn one half letter grade higher than students who do not participate.
  • All students are welcome to attend SI sessions.  The session schedule may be found below.
  • Our program is not just for students who feel they are struggling.  SI Sessions are for EVERY student. Think of it as an hour or two of guaranteed study time.
  • Our SI Leaders are available to help all semester and are eager to provide assistance.  Plus, they're kind of awesome. 

Are you already an SI Leader? Click HERE for SI Leader Resources.

Interested in being a Supplemental Instruction Leader?

Learn More Here!

Looking for when your SI Session is? Feel free to attend other sections


Kelley Smith PSCI 1050.001
Tuesday 11-11:50a SAGE 355
Wednesday 2-2:50p WH 212
Thursday 3:30-4:20 SAGE 355

Kelley Smith PSCI 1050.002
Monday 2-2:50p SAGE 355
Tuesday 3:30-4:20p WH 218
Wednesday 5-5:50p SAGE 355

Andrew Clement PSCI 1050.003
Monday 4-4:50p SAGE 329
Tuesday 11-11:50a WH 214
Wednesday 1-1:50p SAGE 354

Jose Claudio PSCI 1050.004
Monday 2-2:50p CHEM 109
Tuesday 5:30-6:20p CHEM 352
Wednesday 1-1:50p PHYS 115

Marissa Hines PSCI 1050.005
Wednesday 1-1:50p WH 116
Wednesday 4-4:50p WH 116
Thursday 2-2:50p WH 213

Allyse Griffin PSCI 1050.005
Tuesday 11-11:50a LANG 322
Tuesday 2-2:50p CURY 211
Thurday 9-9:50a AUDB 201

Alex Wilson PSCI 1050.006
Monday 3-3:50p WH 117
Tuesday 2-2:50p LANG 311
Thursday 11-11:50a WH 119

Deva Kellam PSCI 1050.007
Monday 11-11:50a TH 121
Tuesday 4-4:50p LANG 215
Wednesday 2-2:50p LANG 104

Audry Salvador PSCI 1050.009
Monday 9-9:50a GAB 438
Tuesday 11-11:50a WH 113
Thursday 4-4:50p WH 116
Sarah Deel HIST 2610.001
Monday 5:00-6:00p WH 112
Tuesday 9:00-10:00a WH 112
Wednesday 6:00-7:00p WH 112
Thursday 10:00-11:00a WH 112
Victor Musasia HIST 2620.001
Monday 1:00-2:00p WH 112
Tuesday 1:00-2:00p WH 112
Wednesday 1:00-2:00p WH 112
Thursday 1:00-2:00p WH 112
Tola Adenji PSCI 1040.001
Monday 1-1:50p LIFE A106
Tuesday 2-2:50p ENV 120
Wednesday 3-3:50p MATT 115

Sara Cagle PSCI 1040.001
Monday 4-4:50p SAGE 356
Thursday 2-2:50p PHYS 102
Thursday 5-5:50p LANG 104

Jeanne-Anne Tye PSCI 1040.002
Monday 12-12:50p WH 321
Wednesday 5-5:50p SAGE 330
Thursday 4-4:50p PHYS 116

Veronica Partridge PSCI 1040.003
Tuesday 2-2:50p WH 214
Wednesday 1-1:50p CHEM 352
Thursday 4-4:50p WH 111

Rachel Montgomery PSCI 1040.003
Monday 2-2:50p WH 312
Wednesday 1-1:50p BLB 010
Thursday 10-10:50a ENV 120

Reka Fink PSCI 1040.004/5
Tuesday 11-11:50a WH 111
Tuesday 5:30-6:20p WH 312
Wednesday 12-12:50p WH 112
Thursday 2:30-3:50p WH 113

Samir Prajapati PSCI 1040.008
Tuesday 4-4:50p CHEM 109
Wednesday 2-2:50p SAGE 356
Friday 1-1:50p BLB 010

Veronica Partridge PSCI 1040.008
Tuesday 3-3:50p WH 113
Wednesday 2-2:50p ENV 391
Thursday 5-5:50p WH 115