Graduate Student Academic Coaching Request Form

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Please remember that this is not subject tutoring.
Please provide availability for Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Coaching takes place during business hours. For example, "Monday-Thursday 3-5pm." Please be sure to provide a variety of times. With more options, we can get back to you quicker and get started faster.
Academic Coaching Agreement
By using the Academic Coaching Program at the Learning Center, you agree to the following: The Academic Coaching Program is a privilege and you are the only one responsible for your progress this semester. If you are not satisfied with your current Academic Coach, it is your responsibility to complete another request form for another coach or contact the Learning Center. If you need more assistance than the Academic Coach can provide, it is your responsibility to seek other resources. You will attend all scheduled coaching sessions unless you have an emergency. You will bring all needed materials to coaching sessions. You will come prepared to all coaching sessions and acknowledge that you will have to reschedule with your academic coach if you are 15 minutes or more past your scheduled start time. You will notify your coach if you need to cancel or reschedule. No-shows with no explanation will result in the termination of the coaching relationship. You will maintain a professional relationship at all times with your coach.