Volunteer Tutor Application


Volunteer Tutors are able to tutor for any courses they have received an 'A' or equivalent (AP, Transfer) in. Above, please list all courses you are qualified (and would like) to tutor in the upcoming semester.
All Volunteer Tutors must participate in a group interview prior to beginning volunteer service. Please note: Volunteer Tutor applicants are NOT guaranteed an interview--only selected applicants will attend the interview. You will be contacted by the Tutoring Services department to confirm your interview, should your application achieve a successful review.

UNT Faculty or Staff Recommendation:

Please provide the name and email address of a UNT faculty or staff member who can attest to your character and achievement. The Learning Center will contact your reference to complete our recommendation form; we recommend you reach out to ensure that they are aware they have been listed and to verify that the e-mail address you listed for them is current.

***If you want to tutor a graduate level course you will need your reference to be from the department/program for that course or the course instructor***

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1) The information provided on this application is correct to the best of your knowledge

2) This form will automatically generate an email to the professor listed above asking for a recommendation

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