Volunteer Tutor Application


The Position

Volunteer tutors are model students who effectively facilitate online, one-on-one tutoring sessions through the Learning Center, work directly with the Coordinator of Tutoring Services, learn valuable academic and professional skills through training, and help UNT's students become better learners.

Position Requirements

  • Possess a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Earned a grade of “A” in the courses in which a tutor facilitates
  • Ability to communicate well through both oral and written forms of communication
  • Ability to utilize Microsoft Outlook
  • Ability to utilize Zoom for conducting tutoring sessions
  • Ability to effectively work remotely

Position Responsibilities

  • Scheduling tutoring sessions through Microsoft Outlook
  • Conducting online tutoring sessions via Zoom
  • Attending required Initial VT training
  • Attending required mid-semester VT training
  • Answering e-mail daily
  • Submitting record logs after each session
  • Attending once-a-semester supervision meeting with Coordinator 
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor

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Volunteer Tutors are able to tutor for any courses they have received an 'A' or equivalent (AP, Transfer) in. Below, please list all courses you are qualified (and would like) to tutor in the upcoming semester.

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