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                            First Flight: Connect with the LC!

Hello new UNT students, and welcome to the UNT Learning Center! The Learning Center offers numerous programs and services to support your academic success! Complete this program to learn more about what and when we offer programs! 

    1. Log on: Visit: Orgsync at http://unt.orgsync.com. Click "login" and select the University of North Texas Campus. 
    2. Take a look around: Check out the many things Orgsync has to offer. Click on Browse and find The Learning Center.
    3. Join now! Click the "Join" button and accept membership into the fabulous Learning Center organization. Once there, take a look at some programs offered and RSVP for any that you'd like to remember in the future. 
    4. You will recieve your code for First Flight the day after you log in and join! 


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The Learning Center was created to supplement and support academic excellence and life-long learning. A wide range of individual, group and self-help programs and materials are provided to maximize the academic potential of all University of North Texas students. Online Tutoring, Semester Reboot, Speed Reading, Supplemental Instruction, Volunteer Tutor Program, Learning 101, Academic Coaching, Academic Success Program, and the Academic Resource Library are all housed in the center.