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Image that says UNT Learning Center Academic CoachAre you:

  • Looking for a Learning Center Program that fits your needs?
  • Wanting some individualized academic support?
  • An Emerald Eagle Scholar on Probation or needing Academic Reboot?
  • Trying to meet requirements given to you by the Financial Aid Office?
  • On Academic Alert?
  • A student on Academic Probation in the College of Business, Engineering, or Science?

If so, make an appointment with an Academic Coach today (search Academic Coaching)!

How do I schedule an in person session?

  1. Open your browser and go to Upswing (
  2. Log in with your EUID and password.

This image shows the login in screen with the big Log In Now button.

3. In the search bar, type "Academic Coaching"

4. You will be able to see all the Academic Coaches and read a little about them.  Once you have decided who you would like as your coach, click "Schedule".

5. Make sure you are on the In-person page.  Select the appropriate day and time range you would like to meet with your coach.  Click "Select a time".

This picture shows the In-person button and the Select a time button.

6. Select Academic Coaching for the subject then select the beginning time you would like. Sessions must be scheduled for ONE HOUR (eventhough you may not need to use the entire hour), so select 60 min for duration.  Sessions scheduled for less than 60 min will be cancelled.  

This page shows the schedule a session box and points out the different component areas you will need to enter information for.

*If you are a distance learner, you can schedule an on-line session by contacting Allyson Gardner.* 

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a collaborative and interactive process with the ultimate goal of assisting you in developing a personalized plan for achieving academic success. An Academic Coach will listen to your needs and concerns and work closely with you to develop academic goals and suggest tools, resources, and strategies to assist in reaching those goals. Topics discussed during academic coaching are based on your needs but often might include issues such as time management, goal setting, and learning new study skills. The actual length of the Academic Coaching session depends on your needs, however, all sessions are scheduled for one hour in order to allow enough time.

Who are the Academic Coaches?

Our Academic Coaches are students just like you from various majors and colleges and at different classifications.  They have all learned strategies to be successful in college and have been trained on resources here at UNT.  They are here to help you develop your own strategies for success and connect you to resources that may be helpful.  To read a biography of the coaches visit Upswing.  

When and where do Academic Coaching sessions occur?

Academic Coaching session times depend upon coaching schedules.  Generally, there are coaches available between 11am and 7pm Monday through Friday during the school year and 10am to 3pm during the summer.  However, this can vary by day.  As Academic Coaching is a collaborative process it is best done in person.  In person sessions are available in the Learning Center, Sage Hall 170, or Discovery Park Room C102A (search for "John Manzano" for Discovery Park).  Online coaching is available for distance learners and students with extenuating circumstances that prevent them from coming to campus.  To schedule an online session, please contact Allyson Gardner.  Please note that for an online session to occur you will need, at the minimum, a working microphone and speakers on your computer.

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If you need help with the content of a specific class, then please check out all our tutoring options on our tutoring resources page.

Emerald Eagle Scholar Requirements

Probation Contract • Spring deadline #1: Feb. 22, Spring deadline #2: May 3

  • In order to complete your probation contract, you must complete two activities.
  • For these activities you can choose from a one hour Academic Coaching session or attending one hour of a study hall.
  • Please bring your probation contract to be signed.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, your session will be canceled and you will be responsible for rescheduling it.

Academic Reboot

  • You must schedule your first Academic Coaching session by February 22nd.
  • With your coach you will decided upon two additional requirements to complete.
  • Please bring your probation contract to be compelted and signed.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your hour session, your session will be canceled and you will be responsible for rescheduling it.

Questions about Emerald Eagle Scholar requirements or an Academic Reboot? Call, click or come in today!
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