First Flight In Person Programs

Check out the Learning Center's in-person programs! Our Sage Hall Open House is open Monday-Friday, and you can attend any of our 60+ workshops on Monday and Tuesday.

My Prep:

  • Sage Hall Academic Success Center Open House
    The Sage Hall Academic Success Center is newly-renovated and ready to help students achieve academic success! Stop by to learn about a few of the academic support offices located in Sage Hall and talk to our staff about the programs and services that will benefit you. Stop by the LC in Sage 170 any time Monday-Friday 8am-5pm to start this event.
  • There's a Tutor for That
    Mastering college courses may seem like a challenge, but the Learning Center's Tutoring services program is here to help! This session will inform you of the variety of free tutoring services available to help you on campus, teach you how to register for appointments, and provide tips for getting ahead early.
  • Supplemental Instruction - The Key to Academic Success
    Check-out this information session to discover the secret to academic success: Supplemental Instruction. This peer-to-peer tutoring program takes learning to the next level by providing much-needed assistance in courses that are traditionally among the most challenging. Whether you're seeking guidance through course-specific content--or looking to develop superior study skills--Supplemental Instruction has exactly what you need!
  • Keeping it 100: Academic Coaching
    In this session, you'll will learn how to schedule a coaching appointment and what to expect when working with a Learning Center Academic Coach. You'll also get to learn what real students have to say about academic coaching and the actual impact of coaching on a student's GPA.
  • Plan Your Semester
    Your college schedule is going to be very different than what you've experienced before. This online workshop will help you plan out your first semester to make sure you stay on top of your classes and other responsibilities with minimal stress and maximum fun!
  • Learning How You Learn
    Discover what your preferred method of learning is and how to use it to your advantage in class, when studying, and taking tests.
  • Self-Advocating for Your Success
    Learn about your campus resources and strategies to meet your academic goals. Also, learn how to communicate with your professors to get the most out of your college experience.
  • Quick Prep: Don't Sweat the Test!
    In this session, learn how to cope with the test anxiety that many people experience.
  • Quick Prep: Don't You Forget About Me!
    In this session, learn a variety of tools to help you study and remember important information.
  • Quick Prep: It's in the Syllabus!
    In this session, learn how to actually navigate a syllabus--your road map to success!
  • Quick Prep: Leaving Procrastination Behind!
    In this session, learn strategies to beat procrastination before it even starts.
  • Quick Prep: Read Like a Boss!
    In this session, learn tips and tricks to help you efficiently read class texts.
  • Quick Prep: Take Note!
    In this session, learn simple note-taking methods to keep you on track in class.
  • Quick Prep: Studying is Better Together!
    In this session, learn how to effectively take advantage of a study group with your peers so you can study smarter, not harder!
  • Quick Prep: Succeeding in Online Classes!
    In this session, learn how to decide if online classes are right for you. Get tips and resources to help you succeed in your online and blended coursework.
  • Quick Prep: Don't Cheat Yourself!!
    In this session, learn how to avoid plagiarism and its negative consequences so you can get the most out of class without stressing about how to cite your sources.


My Life:

  • Learning Center Job Opportunities - How to Get Involved
    The Learning Center employs many of UNT's top students! If you're interested in becoming a Volunteer Tutor or any of our paid positions--including Lead Tutors, Academic Coaches, and Supplemental Instructors--check-out this online guide to help you get your dream job!
  • Total Mind-Body Wellness
    This workshop presented by the Learning Center, Pohl Recreation Center, and Counseling & Testing will help you navigate how to take care of yourself in college--physically, mentally, emotionally, and academicically! Learn about the resources that are available to you on campus and gets tips to stay healthy and motivated.


My Future: